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Creator + UI/UX

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Culy Club

The Culy Club is created for the Dutch online food magazine Culy (www.culy.nl). 

It provides extra features for their website, such as different types of contests and discounts, a forum where the users can communicate with each other and store all your favourite content and recipes on your personal account.


I've created a hi-fi prototype with the prototyping tool, Adobe XD. This contains a 'happy path' that shows all features of the Culy Club. 

Culy Club Prototype

Curacao To Go app

UX/UI Designer (internship)

App Information

The digital travel guide of Curacao, with more than 1000
listings, such as "Thing to do", "Events this week", "Restaurants shortlist" and many more topics. This also includes contact information and location. Supported and promoted by Curacao Tourist Board (CTB), Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA).


The target group, mainly male and female tourists (all ages), is already on Curacao or has yet to arrive. The application allows vacationers to prepare their entire stay and provide them with various conveniences and activities. The application works on both Android and Apple products.

In 2016 I moved to Curaçao for an internship at the company 'Curacao Media'. During this period, I have been busy optimizing their app in as many ways as possible. I addressed and further developed the corporate identity, interface, content and promotional expressions.


I enjoyed working on this project. I also managed to develop myself further during this internship. By this, I mean my knowledge and my international experience in the field of user-generated content and interface design.


The first thing you notice is the logo; I gave it a new, modern look. Below that, you will see the search bar prominently at the top of the screen. In the previous design, you see the search function as a button in which the users had to take unnecessary action to get more information. This minor change had a major impact on the usability of the app.

Creator + UI/UX

This is the official documentation with all the information about ASAPP. Just click on the PDF icon. The documentation is in Dutch.



ASAPP is a mobile application, concentrated on collecting hard and soft information from the environment during an emergency/crisis and showing it to the user (operational spokesperson) clearly and usefully.

It allows safety forces like police, fire department and medical services to work together and make quick decisions on handling certain situations.

Using a special algorithm provided by OBI4wan, this tool filters rumours and facts from incoming content from social media, news platforms, influential people and other local content talking about the emergency.

This helps create a clear view of the situation in which safety forces can make quicker and more accurate decisions.


UI/UX Designer

ING world
Ing.world is an award-winning 'long-read' digital (responsive) magazine from ING for bankers and people in the financial sector. This is created by, among other things, quarterly results of ING and is published 4 times a year.


The challenge
Create the perfect magazine experience on a smartphone device. Quality platforms built around reading, readability and typography are scarce. It's up to us to create the mobile experience that's ready for the future. An animated mock-up should be provided clearly showing the vision of navigating on a mobile device. It should feel logical, intuitive, smooth and natural.

The iterations are fast and sharp. As far as we are concerned, this is what the target group wants: no large animations with moving elements, but fast, short and clear. The user can navigate through the different chapters by scrolling down. The user can then swipe (as a page-turner) to the right to read the different articles in that chapter.


Created with Joost Vos. Born05 oversaw the project.

Researcher + UX/UI

Through research, my team and I have tried to find certain problems within the website of CheapTickets. We have used the following research methods for this:

  • User tests (website research)

  • Focus Group

  • Comparison tests

  • Card stacking method

  • Forum Research & Expert Interviews

Based on our research, we have drawn up a couple of ideas for improvement.

As a traveller, you will be given the opportunity to add extra options to your flight during the booking process.

The investigation showed that CheapTickets.nl does not offer the possibility to book "Comfort Class". In practice, this turned out to be an important option for us tall Dutch people.

As a result, we have added an extra cross-sell element that offers more comfort for the travellers and generates more money for CheapTickets.

Secondary, we have also added a taxi service. The research showed that when travellers travel in the middle of the night, it is sometimes difficult to get a taxi to the hotel at the place of arrival. That is why we also offer this extra option in this new design.

The result is the same, more comfort for the traveller and more income for CheapTickets.

Created with Joost Vos & Blossom Bolweg. Project was overseen by CheapTickets.nl



 Creator + UI design

Intro screen
Search possibilities
Price information
Navigation design 1
Navigation design 2
Settings page


During my college years, I've spent a lot of time in bars, like any other student. But every time my friends and I would go out to a new bar, we had no idea what to expect, price-wise.


Since we were students with a limited budget, our focus was on cheap beers.

Eventually, I got the idea for an app where the user could find the cheapest place to drink. 


So, I decided to make a couple of small, lo-fi  

screen designs. To give the idea more form. Unfortnuatly I wasn't able to work on it more.