MID LIFE magazine

During my third year studying Communications & Multimedia Design, my team and I did a project in which we had to come up, and create, a magazine. After much brainstorming we came up with the idea to create MID LIFE. 

The targeted audience of MID LIFE are people around the age of 40, maybe 45. It's the age where a lot of people start thinking about what they achieved in their life. Some of those people will fall into a midlife crisis when they conclude that their lives hasn't had that much meaning. Therefor the name MID LIFE.

MID LIFE contains sex, drugs, lust, nudity and a lot more funky stuff which are not child approved.

Fortunate we got the possibility to create 3 editions. Every new edition we tried to make them better than the previous edition.

Every edition has the same four subjects on what we are going to talk about. These subjects are love, lust, inwardly and appearance.

First edition.


Second edition.

Third edition.

MARC magazine

During college this was one of my first attempt on creating my own print magazine ;D This was in my junior year for a project on developing magazines.  


This magazine is for men that enjoy the finer things in life. We bring them the best in style, sports, travel, music, movies and gadgets. Our reporters travel the world to get the good stuff!


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